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* [[Speedmapping]]
* [[Speedmapping]]
* [[Speedrun]]ning
* [[Speedrun]]ning
* [[Texture packs]]
* [[:Category:Modifications|WADs and mods]]
* [[:Category:Modifications|WADs and mods]]
* [[Texture packs]]
* [[Websites]], [[Forum]]s, [[IRC]]
* [[Websites]], [[Forum]]s, [[IRC]]

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Did you know that the super shotgun blast at close range will do about as much damage as the direct hit of a rocket from a rocket launcher or cyberdemon?

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Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (sometimes abbreviated as RoE) is an expansion pack for Doom 3 developed by Nerve Software and released on April 4, 2005. The expansion pack details a return to Mars by a UAC expedition to investigate a faint signal broadcast to an orbital probe from the abandoned Site 1 facility. Everything once again goes to Hell after the accidental discovery of a forbidden relic sealed away by the ancient Martian civilization.
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