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* [[:Category:Executable hacks|Executable hacks]]
* [[:Category:Executable hacks|Executable hacks]]
* [[File formats]]
* [[File formats]]
* [ CryptoRobotics]
* [[Lump]]s
* [[Lump]]s
* [[Doom networking component|Networking component]]
* [[Doom networking component|Networking component]]

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Did you know that the chainsaw and super shotgun weapons in the game were inspired by the Evil Dead series of movies?

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2015 Doom source data release

In April 2015, John Romero released a large amount of Doom development assets on the Doomworld Forums, much of it previously unseen. His first release was the Objective-C source code to DoomEd, the original editor used by id Software's level designers to create the levels for Doom, as well as other Doom engine games. He followed this 30 minutes later by releasing the sources to the Doom, Ultimate Doom, and Doom II maps. A third release contained a large number of Doom's textures and graphics from Doom's development, many of which had been cut from the final game.
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