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Did you know that arch-viles can, eventually, kill themselves with the splash damage from their own attack?

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The Maulotaur is a creature from the Heretic-Hexen series. Maulotaurs greatly resemble the mythological Minotaur, except that they wield giant hammers (or mauls), which they use to smash their enemies into a pulp. They also have several ranged attacks. Maulotaurs are tremendously strong and tough with 3000 health.

Maulotaurs also appear in Heretic's sequel, Hexen, as summonable creatures that will fight for the player, created by an artifact known as the "Dark Servant". The Maulotaur will attack enemies without question, but each summoned Maulotaur fades from existence after roughly 30 seconds, or if they are killed first (they have 2500 hit points).
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