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Did you know that in the original Doom games the speed of projectiles does not take the vertical dimension into account? For example, this causes monsters' fireballs to travel extremely fast when fired from above or below.

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Featured Article - May 2017

Doom 4 logo original.jpg

Doom 4 1.0

Doom 4 1.0, not to be confused with id Software's eventual successful release of Doom (2016), is a cancelled first-person shooter that was originally intended as a reboot of the Doom franchise. After being initially announced in August 2007, it suffered repeated delays and development setbacks until, in 2011, intervention by publisher Bethesda Softworks and parent company ZeniMax Media led to internal reorganization at the company. It then entered a period of "rolling reboot" which would last until the new concept which became the final "DOOM" solidified in 2013.
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