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The Doom Wiki is an extensive community effort to document everything related to id Software's masterpiece games Doom and Doom II, other games based on the Doom engine, Doom 3, the newest Doom, and more. We have created 9,692 articles to date.

This site is a wiki, so everyone is encouraged to create and edit articles. New contributors should read our FAQ first. If this is your first time using a wiki, be sure to check out the basic editing instructions as well. If you need additional help, or wish to discuss general aspects of this wiki, pay a visit to the Central Processing discussion board.

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Did you know that the soul sphere was originally supposed to be an "extra life" powerup, before the concept of lives was dropped during development?

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Featured Article - April 2018

Medusa effect(stone2).png

Medusa effect

The Medusa effect occurs when there is more than one patch occupying the same column in any middle texture of a two-sided linedef that is visible in the display window. Due to a game engine limitation, these will not display properly. The area where the middle texture would be displayed is instead a series of multicolored horizontal lines. This "wall" of multicolored lines appears to extend infinitely into the floor.
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