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The Doom Wiki is an extensive community effort to document everything related to id Software's masterpiece games Doom and Doom II, other games based on the Doom engine, Doom 3, Doom (2016), Doom Eternal, and more. We have created 8,880 articles to date.

This site is a wiki, so everyone is encouraged to create and edit articles. New contributors should read our FAQ first. If this is your first time using a wiki, be sure to check out the basic editing instructions as well. If you need additional help, or wish to discuss general aspects of this wiki, pay a visit to the Central Processing discussion board.

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Did you know that E1M2: Nuclear Plant featured in a Windows 95 promotional video starring Bill Gates?

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Featured Article - September 2018

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ZDCMP2 (Walkthrough)

ZDoom Community Map Project: Take II, abbreviated to ZDCMP2, is a single map for ZDoom designed by a large number of mappers. It is one of the largest levels ever made. It took over two years to build, with a final release on 25 May 2014. The map makes extensive use of ZDoom features, such as 3D floors and portals. The second release candidate, released on 9 December 2013, won one of the 20th Annual Cacowards.
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