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The Doom Wiki is an extensive community effort to document everything related to id Software's masterpiece games Doom and Doom II, other games based on the Doom engine, Doom 3, Doom (2016), Doom Eternal, and more. We have created 18,178 articles to date.

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Did you know that the Ultimate Doom version of E1M1: Hangar contains exactly 666 sidedefs?

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Featured article - December 2021

Aspect Ratio Mona Lisa.png

Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio is a term which refers to the ratio between the width and height of a logical frame buffer, called the logical aspect ratio, or a physical video display device, called the physical aspect ratio.

Vanilla Doom ran only in a tweaked VGA "Mode Y" 320x200 video mode. On properly configured CRT monitors, which were the only widely available and inexpensive consumer display device for computers at the time, this video mode took up the entire screen, which had a 4:3 physical aspect ratio (320x240). This meant that the 320x200 display, with a 16:10 logical ratio, was stretched vertically - each pixel was 20% taller than it was wide.
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