Exis Labs

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The Exis Labs are an advanced, top-secret UAC research facility, the most recently constructed portion of Mars City, still in progress as of the time of Hell's invasion of the facilities. It is a prominent locale in The Lost Mission expansion included with Doom 3: BFG Edition. The Exis Labs are the location of an experimental bidirectional long-range teleporter which connects the facility directly to Hell, hastily constructed at the demand of Dr. Malcolm Betruger but left incomplete when the arrival of Jack Campbell and Councilor Swann threatened his long-term plans. The only surviving staff member, and the lead researcher in the facility, was Dr. Richard Meyers, who attempted to destroy the teleporter himself by having EnPro staff route a massive power surge to the device. The staff there were killed before this could be completed, and the task then falls to the protagonist.

Levels taking place in Exis Labs[edit]