Extreme Weapon Pack

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Extreme Weapon Pack
Title screen
Author Doggo120
Port ZDoom
IWAD Unknown
Year 2013
Link Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward.png This mod received one of the 2013 Cacowards on Doomworld in the Mockaward category!

Extreme Weapon Pack is a gameplay mod for ZDoom-based source ports that alters weapons in an intentionally silly manner. It was created by Doggo120 and released in September 2013, winning a Mockaward at the 20th Cacowards that year for Best Comedy Wad.


  • Fist: A different punching animation, including a random chance of breaking a fingernail: the player is then forced to cut the nail, apply nail polish, swing the hand to dry the polish, then check to ensure that it has set.
  • Chainsaw: Replaced with an electric toothbrush. There is a random chance for the toothbrush to activate, and it can gib enemies quickly when it becomes activated.
  • Pistol: Now has an extensive reload animation, involving a lengthy process of cleaning the gun.
  • Shotgun: Replaced with a rusted version. Most of the time, the shotgun will not discharge, no matter how many times the player presses fire. When it does go off, the enemy will die instantly and the player will be knocked backwards some distance. The reloading animation will then be extended due to the pump getting stuck.
  • Super shotgun: Replaced with a broken version. When fired, the player will turn 90 degrees automatically, and the reloading will involve the shell not fitting into the barrel for some time, or the player hesitating to decide which barrel the shell should go in.
  • Chaingun: Much more powerful, with very long spin-up and cool-down animations. When it fires, the player will instantly move backwards from the recoil and be unable to aim properly.
  • Rocket launcher: Much less powerful. Upon shooting, a rocket will fire and travel at such a slow pace that it never reaches its target. After a few seconds of flight, it drops to the ground with no detonation (some of them might explode after some time).
  • Plasma rifle: A monochrome version of the original. It acts as a vacuum cleaner most of the time, but occasionally does shoot some plasma, instantly killing its target.
  • BFG9000: A red version of the original. The warm-up delay is even longer, and the projectile is replaced with several new varieties, such as a small beam that ricochets for a long time, killing any creature it touches.
  • Game Boy: A Nintendo Game Boy system which is able to shoot 4 different projectiles, Koopa Paratroopas, Coins, Fireballs and Stars, all from the Super Mario series of games. The attacks have blast damage. There is also a chance the weapon will give you everything while playing the Mushroom sound effect.

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