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List of file types used by Doom EngineEdit

List of file types used/created by Doom Engine editing programsEdit

Doom utility file typesEdit

  • .bat — Executable batch file that contains multiple DOS commands, and can be used to present a menu and run specific programs or utilities
  • .exe — An executable program, such as SETUP.EXE or DOOM.EXE itself
  • .com — Similar to .exe (not to be confused with .com websites relating to Doom)

Enhanced engine file typesEdit

  • .pk3 — .zip file replacement to be used as a container for mods that require an enhanced engine. First supported by ZDoom.
  • .pk4 — Same as .pk3, introduced in id Tech 4.
  • .pk7 — Same as .pk3 but uses 7-Zip compression in order to achieve a smaller file size at the expense of system resources.
  • .pke — A zip file specifically intended as a mod for use with the Eternity Engine, with a largely pk3-compatible layout.

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