Fists (Doom 3)


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The fists
This article is about the weapon in Doom 3. For other versions of this weapon, see:

The fists are melee weapons in Doom 3. They are a weapon of last resort, being inferior to any of the guns, but always available and not requiring ammunition to use. With practice, zombies and wraiths can be killed without taking any damage in order to save ammunition, but it is generally a better idea simply to keep one's distance from the enemy and use a gun. The fists are useful when using the berserker powerup, as they receive a 30x damage multiplier while it is active. In the original game, the flashlight can do twice the damage while also providing light, but it is no longer available in Doom 3: BFG Edition or in other versions based on it. When playing multiplayer, the fists can be used to steal weapons from other players.

"There’s nothing like a little hand-to-hand combat."
― Doom 3 instruction manual


Damage 20
Rate of fire (RPS) 1.45
First seen in Intro