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: Perform three "Death from Above" [[glory kill]]s on [[Possessed soldier]]s (attack from above).
: Perform three "Death from Above" [[glory kill]]s on [[Possessed soldier]]s (attack from above).
; Quite the Collector  
; Quite the Collector  
: Find 2 [[Collectible (Doom 2016)|collectibles]].
: Find 2 [[Doomguy collectible|collectibles]].
====Special items====
====Special items====

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Doom (2016) missions

The Foundry is a level in Doom (2016). It is an integrated steel mill and as such is filled with hazardous molten liquid metal. The Praetor suit does not offer sufficient protection from the heat if the player comes in contact with the metal, and so it must be avoided. The third mission, Meltdown, takes place here after VEGA alerts the Doom marine and Dr. Samuel Hayden that the demons have shut down the cooling turbines and could cause a catastrophic explosion to occur. The plasma rifle is introduced in this level.

"With the satellite back online, the full scale and origin of the attack is revealed. Olivia Pierce, the Lazarus Project's lead scientist turned cult leader, attacked a Hell wave and released hundreds of demons from their holding cells in the Lazarus Laboratories. The devastation that followed has left the facility on the brink of complete destruction - the Foundry reactors are in critical meltdown. Samuel Hayden, a survivor and Head of the Mars facility has offered you his help if you need it. You don't. You just need ammo and a way to stop the meltdown before it tears the base apart."
― Loading description

Mission 03: Meltdown


Stop the Meltdown
Destroy the Gore Nests (4)
Activate the cooling turbine
Investigate the signal
Shut down the Argent Tower


Three Possessed, One Barrel
Kill three of the possessed with one explosive barrel.
Curb Stomp
Perform three "Death from Above" glory kills on Possessed soldiers (attack from above).
Quite the Collector
Find 2 collectibles.

Special items

Item Amount
Argent cells 1
Combat support drones 1
Elite guards 3
Rune trials None
Secrets 6


Picture Name Unlocks model How to find
Prototypeguy Plasma rifle Shortly after entering the yellow key door and finding the Samuel Hayden datapad, you will enter a long room with a stalled conveyor belt which has several crates on it. One of these crates is open and can be jumped inside, and when doing so, you will find Prototypeguy at the bottom.
Vaultguy Possessed engineer After collecting the yellow key card from the first dead captain, note that there is a railing along the walkway back to the right with molten metal on the other side. Carefully look over the railing in the middle and you will find a safe area to which you can jump down. Do so, and face back toward the railing, and you will see Vaultguy hidden underneath the walkway above.


While not listed as a mission objective, a blue access key and severed hand are required to access the locations of the gore nests and to the cooling turbine.


At QuakeCon 2016, producer Marty Stratton displayed a beta version of the level on a much earlier build of what was still considered id Tech 5, and mentioned that this level began as part of the original Doom 4 concept which was abandoned and rebooted. While undergoing massive revisions during the re-development of the game and being greatly expanded into its final, vastly non-linear layout in the process, this makes it one of the largest known surviving relics from the previous concept.[1]


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