"Walk away, boy. Just walk away."

Geoff is a character from Strife. He is a man whom the player initially encounters in the old town hall. At first, he has nothing to say to the player except "Walk away boy, just walk away.".

He is voiced by Peter Morgan (IMDb).

Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

It is revealed early in the game that Geoff is actually the guard who polices the entrance to the Front's original base in the old town hall. When Rowan first hands the communicator to the player enabling him to make contact with BlackBird (and, consequently, the Front as a whole), one of the first things BlackBird tells the player is the password needed to get by Geoff and enter the Front's headquarters. After Geoff opens the entrance for the player, his continued existence in the game becomes irrelevant. In fact, even after the Front has moved its base to the Order's castle midway through the game, Geoff still wanders around outside of the old (now abandoned) Front base and will continue to do so indefinitely unless the player kills him.

Killing Geoff is optional and has little purpose or reward. In the room where he resides, there is a secret switch to open the entrance to the base if he is killed. The door in front of the switch does require the base key, which the player gets from Rowan along with the communicator. Geoff does not shut off any alarm although he claims to do so when opening the entrance. Killing Geoff gives a bullet clip.

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