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For the grenades in Strife, see Explosive Grenades and Phosphorous Grenades.
The Grenade.
Normal damage 150 75
Headshot damage 300 150
Splash damage 150 75
Splash radius 150
Rate of fire (RPS) ≥1*
Max ammo 50
Spread (°) 0
First seen in Administration

* The rate of fire is dependent on how long the player holds the grenade prior to throwing it, but the maximum rate is 1 per second. The Grenade is a weapon in Doom 3.

Combat analysis

It is an explosive weapon, dealing splash damage. Grenades can bounce off walls but will explode on contact with a monster. It should be used in corridors to kill zombies around corners or behind cover. Do not use the grenade at close range, as the explosion can hurt the player. Also, do not cook the grenade for too long, or it will explode in the player's hand, killing him.

Tactical analysis

While Grenades are handy for flushing out Z-Secs, it is most useful when thrown directly at an enemy. Imps, Vulgars and tentacle Commandos will die if hit by one, making it a great alternate to the Shotgun if the player does not or can't get close enough to a target for the Shotgun to be effective. In addition, it can kill multiple Zombies with one explosion. Slow moving enemies such as Mancubi are also inviting targets.

Grenades are also useful against Revenants before obtaining the Rocket Launcher. They deal a similar amount of damage to the Revenant, thus allowing you to use Grenades as an effective substitute for the Rocket launcher.