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This article gives technical information about the Harmony data file. For gameplay information and walkthroughs, see Harmony.

HARM1.WAD is the IWAD used by Harmony.

Latest version[edit]

Version 1.1 of the Harmony WAD is 58,396,393 bytes in size, is dated 2012-02-17, and contains 2,000 entries. It has the following hashes:

Hash type Hash code
MD5 48ebb49b52f6a3020d174dbcc1b9aeaf
SHA-1 d7c5f9095fd5f1ebfe14ecd97ca31503e2a02964
CRC-32 bf979c23

Older versions[edit]

Version File date Size (bytes) Entries MD5 SHA-1 CRC-32
1.0 2009-12-10 58,398,594 2,000 fe2cce6713ddcf6c6d6f0e8154b0cb38 4c77354915015ccb650ae9708eed3c8219730be9 4e10e32f