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A haste sphere.
The visual effects of haste.
This article is about the item in Doom (2016). For other versions of this item, see:
For the 2021 megawad, see Haste.

Haste is a power-up which occurs in Doom (2016), both in single and multiplayer games, which grants the player a period of dramatically increased speed. According to the UAC, the haste sphere contains a charged cloud of Soul-Breaker energy. When the sphere is disrupted, the energy accretes around the user as a temporary exoskeleton which accelerates the speed of all natural movement. Also according to the company's research, most subjects cannot survive the experience, and suffer a literal explosion of their heart once it wears off.

"Haste increases the player's movement speed and firing speed for a short time. Gotta go fast!"
SnapMap description

Tactical analysis[edit]

Haste lasts for 30 seconds, during which the player can move and turn faster, and can fire and reload weapons at a faster rate. While in use, a yellow haze surrounds the borders of the player's view, and swooshing sounds are made any time the player changes the direction in which they are moving.

Praetor upgrades[edit]

Upgrades received through Praetor tokens in the "Powerup Effectiveness" category affect the haste power-up:

  • Power Surge will unleash a blast wave when the haste effect expires.
  • Healing Power restores health to maximum when haste is activated.
  • Power Extender increases the duration of the haste effect.