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Hell Factory is a single player hub for Doom II released in 2000 by Tomi Rajala (Lu Wang) which makes heavy use of ZDoom's then new features, including deep water, particle fountains, many scripted events, security cameras, and even a few stealth monsters. It uses a few custom textures made by Nick Baker (NiGHTMARE), some ambient sounds borrowed from Quake II and Strife, and a custom selection of music tracks composed by Nick Baker, David Shaw (Tolwyn), and Peter Tomaselli (Kniggit).

Although presented as "hub one" of a larger project, no further hubs were released.


The plot is explained to you in clumsy English by a series of messages at the start of the game:

The clock is 6:58 AM...
...and maybe the sun will rise soon...
...and in this area the technology is advanced.
and here is your mission soldier.
Sabotage the people`s experiments 
 with the creatures...
...because, they are trying to make 
 the creatures come to their side...
...after that they will probably 
 start a war against the law!
and take over the world. 
 Some sources say that the creatures...
...have taken over this UAC factory 
 and are probably charging it with too much power
Be very careful soldier. You probably 
 will meet those creatures...
...they are dangerous and they were 
 picked from the satellite Deimos...
...they are more powerful than the humans.
So, it may be smart to kill all your enemies 
 whether they are human or demon
You must stop them!
 ......GooD LucK Soldier!
/end of message.


The skull keys have been replaced by additional keycards. This is a cosmetic replacement only; and while the sprites, HUD icons, and pickup messages are updated, the author forgot to replace the locked door messages.

  • Blue skull key → green keycard
  • Yellow skull key → orange keycard
  • Red skull key → white keycard

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