Helltime Hunter

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Helltime Hunter


Attack Damage

Melee: 22
Fireball: 12
Fireball splash: 8

Found in

Erebus - Level 2: Erebus Dig Site

The Helltime Hunter is the first of the three hunters and the first boss that players fight in Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. It looks like a hovering Hell Knight without legs, and can move from one part of the area to another incredibly quickly. The Helltime Hunter creates an orange sphere in front of it and then moves extremely fast, appearing as if it "beams" from place to place; motion lines will appear to announce its direction. It attacks by throwing fireballs that do as much damage as an Imp's, but if it gets close to the player, it can also rake him with its claws as well. The Helltime Hunter also has a special attack in which it hurls a swarm of several fireballs at the player all at once; this fireball swarm can be dodged by sprint-running sideways. The lower part of its body is surrounded by fireballs and seems to be perpetually engulfed in flames.

After being tasked by the Maledict to hunt the Artifact, the Helltime Hunter is the first Hunter who confronts the Marine. It is encountered in front of a hell portal near the excavations. As this Hunter appears, the Maledict says that the Marine has met his death, so he is quite convinced that the Hunter can cope with the soldier. In order to defeat the Helltime Hunter, the player must use the Grabber to catch the plasma balls that are launched from the ancient Martian defense turrets and send them back toward the Hunter itself. It can be difficult at times, since the Hunter can move from place to place within the field of battle instantly. It takes about 4-5 direct plasma ball hits on the Hunter to kill it.

After the player kills the Helltime Hunter, the Artifact becomes usable, since it now has the Helltime ability. From then on, the player can use the Artifact to slow down time, while leaving the player's own movement and weapon use at an apparently normal speed. The Helltime Hunter is the only boss that cannot be defeated by weapons other than the Grabber, even if the player uses a stronger weapon procured by using cheats.


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