Heretic Sinphony


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Cover art.

Heretic Sinphony is an album of remixed Heretic music commissioned by Emmanuel Frechou, containing six tracks by Thomas "Ghetto Lee Lewis" Nelson, and released on OverClocked ReMix in 2017.

Track listing

Name Length Original track level
1 Damnation and Betrayal 2:19 E1M1: The Docks
2 Unchained Zealotry 3:55 E1M3: The Gatehouse
3 Cathedral of Carnage 3:24 E1M6: The Cathedral
4 Frozen Inferno 2:53 E2M4: The Ice Grotto
5 Embrace the Darkness 3:12 E2M7: The Great Hall
6 Vengeful Requiem 2:35 E1M9: The Graveyard


  • Thomas Nelson (Ghetto Lee Lewis): arranger, director
  • Tedd Leger (Mehxôhorr Artworks): album artwork
  • David W. Lloyd (djpretzel): executive producer
  • Larry Oji (Liontamer): executive producer
  • Emmanuel Frechou (Emmanuel EXE): commissioner

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