Hideous Destructor

Hideous Destructor
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Author Matt
Port GZDoom
Year 2007
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Hideous Destructor is a gameplay mod for the GZDoom source port that vastly changes classic Doom gameplay with complex realism mechanics. Enemies are more intelligent and substantially more threatening, mistakes are more punishing, but the player also has some very potent additions to their arsenal.

Hideous Destructor was created by a modder named Matt in 2007, and he has overseen its development throughout. It has changed much over the years. Older versions worked on the Zandronum source port, but the ACS code was eventually rewritten in the newer ZScript language exclusive to GZDoom. Thus recent versions are only for GZDoom.

This is an acclaimed mod with unique capabilities. In 2018, it was included in the Top 25 Missed Cacowards because of its sophistication and enduring popularity.[1] As of December 2021, it has received the most votes in an informal ZDoom forum poll about favorite mods.[2]



  • Detailed ballistics system calculating wound tracks and fragmentation as well as damage to critical sections. This also accounts for explosive heat damage, shrapnel, sector damage, and armor damage.
  • Modified movement system allowing for progressive weight dependent mantling, sliding, sprinting, and running. This is also affected by damage to the player.
  • Medical system tracking heartbeats, wounds, aggravated damage, and blood. A player must attend to wounds in a timely manner.
  • Detailed weapons handing tracking magazines, ammunition, and jamming. Variable zoom scopes, alternative firing modes, and actions of questionable legality are also covered.
  • Pain
  • Enhanced enemy firepower; The cyberdemon now has a machine gun rocket launcher and mini BFG, the spiderdemon a minigun in all its terrifying glory, and even the smaller characters get a piece of the action with the marine picking up shotguns, grenade launchers, and pistols.
  • Several new weapons, including the ZM66, ZM7, SMG, Brontornis 35mm cannon, Atmospheric XI Thunderbuster, and Boss rifle. And the Blooper GL.
  • The ability to destroy parts of the level with sufficient firepower.
  • A magic system allowing for, among other things, passive Aura Of Gardening, Summoning Ghost marines, becoming literally unkillable, and healing wounds incredibly quickly.


  • Fists: Representing unarmed combat, players can swing the mouse as they punch to deliver devastating damage and otherwise beat the crap out of Hell's forces by punching them. It is worth noting this tool also allows you to fall a little farther without harm and drag items about.
  • Pistol: A simple 9x22mm pistol, this weapon is a basic sidearm and a good option to break Hell Shields, which most bosses have.
  • Revolver: .355 wheelgun that works similarly to the pistol. Able to load 9x22mm if .355 isn't available.
  • H&K MP-46: 9x22mm submachine gun. Essentially the pistol, but much faster and with a larger magazine.
  • ZM66: 4,26mm assault rifle with a deep magazine, known to jam at times. May mount a grenade launcher. 4,26mm is decent against armor, very effective against flesh, but very poor against shields.
  • ZM7: 7,76mm battle rifle known as the Liberator. A much more conventional rifle. Ammunition is powerful but rare.
  • Mk. IV Boss: 7,76mm bolt action rifle once added as a joke. Still as powerful as the ZM7, but much slower, and prone to jamming.
  • SPOS E-28: 12g dual mode shotgun. Massive damage to un-armored targets but poor effect against protected enemies.
  • Cav. Arms SL41: 12g double barrel shotgun. Even more damage, and can pose a threat to lightly armored enemies. Fast reload under stress.
  • Mk. III Vulcanette: 4,26mm machine gun with six barrels. Features the ability to perforate, or cut. Heavy, but resistant to jams.
  • H&K UA Series Rocket Launcher: A six round rocket/grenade launcher capable of also loading over-caliber HEAT warheads.
  • Mk. VII Brontornis: Singleshot 35mm API "gun" capable of killing mid-tier enemies with a single shot.
  • Mk. XI Thunder Buster: Plasma gun with dual mode anti-personnel/material. Primary fire makes things explode, Alt-fire turns it into an energy assault rifle with splash damage.
  • Mk. 1337 BFG: It kills a room full of barons in one shot and has technically unlimited ammo.

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