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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a way to chat over the Internet. For a detailed description and history, refer to the Wikipedia article Internet Relay Chat.

Many Doomers can be found on IRC, and on several different IRC networks.

See also forums for Doom-related web forums.

For help connecting to an IRC channel, see the reference documents at

EFNet channels[edit]

Freenode channels[edit]

OFTC channels[edit]

QuakeNet channels[edit]

IRCnet channels[edit]

Zandronum channels[edit]

Misc networks[edit]


Some IRC channels were once quite popular, but are now defunct for various reasons:

Skulltag channels[edit]


"I don't go on irc."
John Carmack, October 27, 1996 .plan update [1]



See also[edit]

  • 32in24, a recurring mapping event with its own IRC channel