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id Super Pack was a download package on Steam containing all classic id Software PC titles as well as several games by Raven Software. It was sold for $69.99, 69,99€ or £37.99 depending on the user's current location. It was a super set of both Doom Pack Complete and Heretic + Hexen Collection. During the summer 2012 sales, it was replaced by a "Super Id Software Pack" that also contained Rage and Quake 4, but when the summer sales ended, the "Super Id Software Pack" was discontinued without reinstating the Id Super Pack.

Included Doom or Doom-engine games[edit]

Other games included[edit]

Noticeable omissions include Heretic II and Hexen II: Portal of Praevus, both of which were developed and published without involvement from id Software; Netpack I: Extremities for Quake II, which was an official compilation of fan content; and Keen Dreams, which was developed for Softdisk.

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