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** MAP06: Untitled
** MAP06: Untitled
** MAP27: Untitled
** MAP27: Untitled
* [[STRAIN]] ({{ig|id=8467}})
* [[STRAIN]] (Original: {{ig|id=8467}}; 2015 repackage: {{ig|id=18118}})
* STRAIN DeathMatch Levels ({{ig|id=8466}})
* STRAIN DeathMatch Levels ({{ig|id=8466}})
* [[Hacx]]
* [[Hacx]]

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Iikka Keränen (aka Fingers or fingers_) was one of the most well-known level designers in the Doom community after having introduced visual special effects undocumented for the Doom engine. He was a member of The Alpha Dog Alliance team on the production of STRAIN. In 1998, he was voted the best level maker in Doomworld's 5 Years of Doom celebration [1], edging out his frequent collaborator Anthony "Adelusion" Czerwonka. He currently works as a game designer for Valve Software. [2]

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