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Jan Paul van Waveren (September 15, 1977 - January 31, 2017), born Johannes Marinus Paulus van Waveren, most frequently known as JMP van Waveren (along with several variant spellings of this name), and also by his handle MrElusive, was a game industry veteran beginning with his involvement in the development of the enhanced artificial intelligence system for id Software's 1999 game Quake III Arena, which involved the invention of the "Area Awareness System" (AAS for short). Though originally designed for the game's bots, it is now used by modern iterations of the id Tech engine for all entity path finding. Before his involvement with the game industry, van Waveren was involved in academic AI and graphics research, and even earlier, he was for a time a member of the online Doom community.

Van Waveren left id Software in late 2014, following John Carmack, to become a senior engineer at Oculus VR.[1] He was an advocate for Vulkan, working extensively with Khronos Group on various projects such as glTF and a Khronos-approved VR Standard.

Van Waveren passed away after a long battle with cancer on January 31, 2017, at the age of 39.[2][3]

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