Joel Poston (Submerge)


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Joel Poston (alias Submerge) is a Doom level designer who contributed to a number of community projects focused on Skulltag.

Body of work[edit]



  • Skulltag
    • D2DM5: The Volcano Installation (with Boris Iwanski)
    • D2DUEL3: Sigma Junction
    • D2DUEL8: Impious Demesne
    • D2LMS2: Survival Corridor (with Brad Carney (Carnevil))
    • D2LMS5: Hollowed Ground
    • D2LMS8: Forgotten Lair (with Melissa McGee (Agent Spork))
    • D2LMS10: Dark Hatred
    • D2CTF9: Disaster
    • D2CTF10: Doomed Sea
    • D2ST4: 'O' of Devastation
    • D2ST5: Acid Trip
    • D2INV1: Belphegor's Glory
    • D2INV4: Inferno