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KDX to GSA - Helper Window

KDX-to-GSA is a gateway application to be used to connect The King Doom Experience (KDX) through Game Spy Arcade (GSA). The gateway itself runs as a daemon in the background, listening for connections. It is based on TCP/IP communications and takes care of synchronizing game related settings between the players, so every participant's KDX Frontend would be pre-loaded with the same settings. As GSA was only intended to support ZDoom at that time, leaving other source ports out, the ability to use KDX together with GSA dramatically increased the possibilities of Doom online gaming. Some restrictions of GSA, like the limitation for only one on one games, have been also lifted by applying modifications to the GSA config files and game definitions. The included "helper" executable was a replacement for the ZDoom.exe, GSA is originally pointing to. The helper took care of all command line arguments, provided by GSA once you wanted to host or join a game. Then passed them over to the gateway to be synchronized with the other players.

In action - KDX through GSA