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Developed by the Korax Team. The Korax mod is a open source project focused on combining the FPS game features with those of RPG games in the world of Hexen, the Korax Team is also developing other project with the same features, Korax Arena in order to provide a multiplayer component. Work on another project begun early 2010, entitled Scattered Evil. A open world Hexen project, in the spirit Daggerfall & Might and Magic, with heavily expanded RPG elements without comprising the core aesthetic & feel of Hexen.

It is based on Jhexen v0.99.6, and merged with Doomsday/jheretic v1.0. Unfortunately due to incompatibility between Jhexen v1.x mods and Jhexen v0.9, it is impossible to make Korax mod work on newer Jhexen, except by rewriting the whole mod from scratch. Since Korax v3, development on Kmod for Jhexen is halted. A port to the superior Vavoom engine is the current goal. With the delayed release of Scattered Evil beta 2, it's features will eventually make it into Kmod.

Scattered Evil beta 1 was released May 12th, 2012. Currently Korax v4 Vavoom port has reached beta 3 as of October 29th, 2011.