Light amplification visor


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The light amplification visor can be found in a secret area in E1M5: Phobos Lab.

The light amplification visor is a powerup that appears as a pair of gray goggles with blinking red lenses. Picking one up will show everything at full brightness for 120 seconds. When 5 seconds remain, the display will begin blinking back to its original light level, signaling the end of the visor's effects.

Light amplification can also be activated with the cheat code idbeholdl.

Light amplification visors are the rarest of Doom's powerups, as they undo the various lighting effects that are an integral part of the game's atmosphere (although, in Doom II, three can be found in a single level: the Refueling Base).

Light amplification visors are included in the items percentage displayed at the end of each level.

Many players have lamented the replacement of the light amplification visor in Doom 3 with the flashlight, as the player cannot use the flashlight and another weapon at the same time.

Light amplification visor data
Thing type 2045 (decimal), 7FD (hex)
Appears in Shareware Doom
Registered Doom
Ultimate Doom
Doom II/Final Doom
Radius 20
Sprite PVIS
Class Artifact

Appearance statistics

The IWADs contain the following numbers of light amplification visors:

Ultimate Doom 9 8 8
Doom II 5 5 5
TNT: Evilution 5 5 4
Plutonia 0 0 0

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