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The Loremaster fails to hit the player with his grappling hook attack.

The Loremaster is the fifth major boss of Strife, and he is the final holder of one of the Sigil pieces. He is considered to be a religious leader, and the most powerful of all the Order's generals. He is found in the Lab near the Space Ship, and he has 800 Hit Points. His attack is to shoot a grappling hook, which will pull his target towards him. Due to the variance in elevation in his arena, this can pull the player and drop them a long distance to inflict serious damage. However the hits from the hook alone are minor in damage. When the Loremaster dies, he will spawn a Spectre, which will fire Sigil E shots, and is the most powerful of the five Spectres in the game.

Once the Loremaster is defeated, the player will likely have the full Sigil assembled, allowing them to unlock the spaceship that leads to the Entity's lair an the end of the game. His Lab is located within the factory at the Order Commons.

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