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Codebase LxDoom 1.4.4
Developer(s) Jess Haas
Initial release (2000-04-02, 23 years ago)
Latest release 1.5 (2011-10-25, 12 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform Cross-Platform
License GNU General Public License v2+

LsdlDoom is a source port, originally based off LxDoom for the Windows platform. It brings many improvements over the original Boom codebase, with a significant portion of these inherited from MBF.


LsdlDoom started off as merely a Windows version of LxDoom, from which it was derived from. Jess Haas then took over the project before this merge and made the first release of LsdlDoom on April 4, 2000, available for Windows and Linux. Haas worked all of April on the port, releasing new versions in quick succession that fixed compilation problems and streamlined the source code.

Eventually, the LxDoom (and thus LsdlDoom) and PrBoom projects merged. Because of its portability, bug fixes and strong backwards compatibility, LxDoom formed the basis for the new version of PrBoom. The new version is based on LibSDL, which makes it quickly portable to many different operating systems.

However, this was not to be the last of LsdlDoom. After releasing on April 30, 2000, the port went into a dormant state until over 11 years later. Starting from September 22 and October 3, Haas worked on a new version of the port, version 1.5. It fixed compiler warnings and resolved various bugs, predominantly from the Gentoo Linux distribution. It was released as source code only on October 25, 2011.


  • All features from LxDoom and Boom 2.02 (BEX, DeHackEd, etc)
  • Tons bug fixes and code improvements, many incorporated from MBF
  • Support for MBF's enhanced DeHackEd support, skies and new code pointers
  • High resolution support. LsdlDoom can run as high as 1600x1200
  • Configurable multi-player colours
  • Total game time shown on intermission screens
  • Portable codebase, so it will run on different OS's and architectures
  • Auto-loading of WADs
  • Games can be loaded or the level restarted during a net-game
  • Network support over TCP/IP
  • Better diagnostics
  • Automap overlay and rotation
  • Joystick support
  • Sound and music support


  • LsdlDoom got ported to the PlayStation 2 console by Jason Wu, as LsdlDoom-PS2. Its first release, v001, was on March 21, 2008. The last release, v005, was a port of LsdlDoom and released on April 27, 2008.

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