MAP02: A Dead Man's Party (Ghoul School 3D)


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Entrance to the catacomb and the undead town.

Map02: A Dead Man's Party, aka the Underworld map, is the secondary hub map of Ghoul School 3D. It depicts the vast catacombs beneath the high school, complete with a small town of friendly ghouls.

As with the School, ghosts will spawn in the Underworld every now and then to revive slain monsters; here, however, there is no way to shut it off.


One house in Ghoul Town is accessible from the beginning: it belongs to Aldo, a friendly ghoul who furthers the plot and explains what happened to Dr. Femur and Samantha.

Spike's main objective in the Underworld is to reactivate Barlow's elevator just outside the entrance to the Haunt (directly across the lake from the school portal). The elevator is activated by a switch on a ledge in the same cave as the Haunt entrance, which can be reached with a flight of steps and a good jump; however you can't jump to it initially, because of a large rock barrier hanging from the ceiling.

Explore the Underworld and look for two other switches: one behind the waterfall in the far southwest corner of the map, and another on a ledge accessed from Ghoul Town's lower level. These switches raise stairs to the upper level of Ghoul Town, also found in the southwest: jump to the Spanish-style ghoul house with the arch and go inside to find the switch that raises the rock barrier. Now you can jump across to the elevator switch and enter the Haunt.

Once you activate the elevator, the Underworld simply acts as a bridge between the Haunt and the School.