MAP07: Dead Man Stomp (Ghoul School 3D)


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This level occupies the map slot MAP07. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP07.
Spike's starting position, same as Map 02.

Map07: Dead Man Stomp is the secondary hub map of Ghoul School 3D's second episode. Spike revisits the Underworld from Episode 1, with new areas open to him.

Every few minutes or so, ghosts (referred to as G-G-Ghosts!) will spawn on the map and animate the first monster corpse they come to. Move fast and watch out for the excessive number of Spooks.


First Visit: Ghoul Town, Inner City

Clear out the wandering monsters, especially the spooks, which can do a ton of damage and easily sneak up on you.

Return to Ghoul Town and talk to Aldo: he tells you about his friend Abdul, who can help stop the eyeguy epidemic, but to speak to him Spike must go to the Inner City of Ghoul Town and enter the Deadlands. The tiny vent in the wall of his house opens: use the Moon Cheese to turn into a mouse and use the central pathways. You only have a few seconds before you change back, so save before transforming. The central house of the Inner City guards the switch that opens the Deadlands gateway to the west. The tavern has a secret closet containing another rivet gun: save it for your return trip from the Deadlands.

Go through the cafeteria to the PE lockers and crawl through the air vents to reach the kitchen, where you'll find the Yellow Key. It opens the following doors:

Go to the Deadlands portal, kill the skull monster that greets you, and enter MAP09: Just Visiting. No, Really..

Second Visit: The Waterfall

Flip the switch that raises the low-hanging rock (which blocked access to the elevator switch in episode 1) and leap across the rocky platforms to find the sealed backdoor to the Inner City, and a long, dark, watery tunnel that eventually leads behind the waterfall, to the upper catwalks of the Hidden Lab's aquarium.