MAP08: Weird Science (Ghoul School 3D)


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Entrance hall to the hidden lab.
The Necronomicon.

Map08: Weird Science is the central map of Ghoul School 3D's second episode. Here Prof. Mengeler conducts experiments via a gross misuse of school funds; it is also the origin of the eyeguy epidemic.

Every few minutes or so, Eyeguys appear in strategic places all throughout the map. If Spike lingers too long, the place will become infested with eyeguys.


First Visit: The Boiler Room

Spike's main objectives are to get the main boiler working again, and to raise the stairs to three important and initially unreachable areas: the Inner Furnace, the Aquarium Control Platform, and the Inner Sanctum. The stair control switch is on the main platform near the lab entrance, but it is inoperable. In the Test Chamber is a large, ominous machine containing the Necronomicon: this room is also inaccessible at the moment.

In the boiler room, take the lift up to the catwalk and quickly throw the three levers, then shoot the switch that is revealed on the other side of the room. The boiler's man switch is revealed: flip it to release the Fallen that has been clogging up the boiler. Kill it to get the stair switch working again, then go back to the main platform and push it.

Aquarium This room is filled with eerie giggling courtesy of the nereids held captive in the water tanks. The upper catwalks aren't accessible from here: they can only be accessed by going behind the waterfall in MAP07: Dead Man Stomp and across a subterranean lake, which has been drained and cannot be crossed. Flip the switch on the now accessible platform to fill the tanks and the lake with water. You can now reach the upper catwalks, after a bit of a hike through the Underworld.

Inner Sanctum Prof. Mengeler is here, guarded by another robot. He tells you where to find the Principal (if you haven't already) and gives you access to several items if you keep him from getting killed: a second rivet gun, the Moon Cheese generator, and the Gamma Ray, your most powerful weapon. Mengeler tasks you with going to the land of the dead and retrieving his lost lab key (blue key).

Inner Furnace Go across the boiler and through the shaft to the big metal room filled with lava and moving platforms. Hop across to the other side, ignoring the blue door (you can't open it yet), and drop into the Test Chamber, where more robots attack; fortunately the chamber gate opens, and you can now freely access this area. You will return here at the end of the episode, but ignore it for now.

Prison Principal Holtzmiller is here, ranting about the misuse of school funds. Talk to him to get his office key (Yellow Key) and return to MAP06: The Halls Have Eyes.

Second Visit: The Samples

Most of the Polyp Samples you need to restore the Necronomicon are found on this map, with the exception of one.

  • Sample #1: carried by the robot guard boss on the School map, which you should already have.
  • Sample #2: next to Prof. Mengeler in the inner sanctum.
  • Sample #3: on top of the central tanks in the aquarium. A blue door blocks the way.
  • Sample #4: on top of the main boiler, accessed via the blue door in the inner furnace.

When all four have been collected, take them to the Test Chamber where the Necronomicon resides, and feed them to the four robotic arms in the machine. After a moment, the Necronomicon morphs into the Ghoulmeister.

The Ghoulmeister

Talk to the Ghoulmeister to learn that it is none other than Abdul Alhazred: he lied to you about how to stop the epidemic, and has returned to life through the book in a monstrous new body. If you agree to help him further, he devours you. Refuse to help, or attack him, to initiate the final battle.

Ghoulmeister has several devastating projectile attacks, and moves astonishingly fast the more damage he takes. He can also revive dead eyeguys, which by now are littering every corner of the lab. When Ghoulmeister is killed, the episode ends.