MAP09: Shell Shock (Midgard Outlaw)

The beginning of a very, very bad trip.
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Map09: Shell Shock is the ninth map of Midgard Outlaw, designed by Impie in 2017-2018 and constructed in Doom Builder 2.



Juno suddenly realizes the drugs Dr. Zaal injected her with have hallucinogenic properties: her perception of reality begins to warp and bend, eventually transforming into a nightmare monument to her violent past.


After a winding stairwell and a few minor but nonetheless creepy hallucinations, you will arrive at the main event: a nightmarish boss rush against the revenants of Project Einherjar's episode bosses. You can fight them in any order, but once you enter their arenas, there is no going back until your opponent is defeated.

With each revenant you defeat, the exit pillar lowers further. You only need to kill three of the four bosses to exit the map, but killing all four gives you access to a medical backpack, blue armor, and a ballistic knife.

Contessa GaulEdit

This arena is mostly flat with several pillars for cover. Several Purgers appear on the upper platforms surrounding the arena and take pot shots at you throughout the duel. Contessa herself is invisible except when she is attacking, and can teleport across the arena to get the drop on you.

Fafnir the DragonEdit

You will need an outland suit for this arena, since it is flooded with damaging blood. With the suit active, you can take cover behind the many pillars protruding from the blood; without it, you will likely come out of this fight in tatters, if you come out at all.

Baron FrostgardEdit

This arena is a precarious catwalk suspended over a sea of blood, with several automatic lifts that can rescue you if you fall in. The fight with the Baron is tough, between his dual coilguns and the treacherous terrain.

Dr GaulEdit

Gaul's arena is initially flat until you grab the ammo near the center: then the arena morphs into a maze filled with Mommybots, and Gaul initiates a game of cat-and-mouse. Kill the Mommybots first: if they slow you down, you'll be easy pickings for the doctor.


All of the bosses are gory variations of their Project Einherjar counterparts. In addition, their voices are distorted in a demonic manner. Apart from this, they behave exactly as they did in Project Einherjar.