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# Open the red door and get on the [[blood]] square in the southeast corner. Press the switch there to remove the bars, then head east to where the [[imp]]s are. Walk through the wall to the north to teleport to a platform with [[shotgun shells]] and [[armor bonus]]es. ('''sector 299''')
# ('''sector 299''')
# Open the red door and shoot the fire wall near the switch (use a [[super shotgun]] to do it). A wall will open on the south end with a [[megaarmor]] behind it. ('''sector 446''')
# ('''sector 446''')
# In the blue [[key]] room, go to the bright square at the east side and use the wall. You will lower to a [[box of rockets]], a [[backpack]], and [[stimpack]]s. ('''sector 540''')
# ('''sector 540''')

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