Matt Tropiano (Mista T)


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Matt Tropiano, also known as Mista T and MTrop, is an active Doom mapper, programmer, and podcast host.


Matt's first major contribution to the community was the megawad Dimensions of Time, released in 1998 when he was only 13. He contributed three maps to Community Chest 3 , and later went on to release a Hexen hub called Scourge of Viscerus. This was followed by a collection of smaller-size Doom maps called Coffee Break.

He is also a member of the team for The Adventures of Square, a Doom engine-based indie game.


In 2004, Matt created a Java library for manipulating WAD files called Doom Struct. He has also programmed a number of small Doom utilities.


Matt is a semi-regular contributor to Doom Radio and the host of the program Knee-Deep in the Code.

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