Maximum Doom


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Master Levels for Doom II CD from the Depths of Doom Trilogy collection, which also contains Maximum Doom.

Maximum Doom is the name given to bonus content distributed with the Master Levels for Doom II in 1995. It consists of 1830 amateur PWAD files of varying quality downloaded from the Internet (191 for Doom, 1629 for Doom II and 10 for Heretic). Many of these files are still available, for example on the idgames archive. Some contain copyrighted material, such as sound files from television programmes such as Monty Python's Flying Circus and The Simpsons.

Some levels that were created by the contracted designers for the Master Levels did not make it into the collection but were included in Maximum Doom.


Like many similar commercial compilations, Maximum Doom has had its share of criticism. While there are 3487[citation needed] maps on the disc, there is some overlap in content between Doom and Doom II, and a few of the levels included are even for Heretic despite being thrown into the Doom directory. Also, many of the levels for Doom II were originally Doom levels that were converted. Since the levels were not originally designed for Doom II, they suffered occasional problems. Also, like many Doom shovelware collections, Maximum Doom has been criticized for having levels of poor quality. Many PWADs on the disc have traits that are typical to 1994 levels.

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