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Mancubus II, aka Manc, runs MancuNET, a site hosting and network services provider for the independent, open source, and gaming communities. MancuNET hosts several Doom-related websites, including those for ZDoomGL (v2), Unidoom, Action Doom, Doom 3: Phobos, as well as sites for such personalities as Fredrik Johansson, Stephen "SoM" McGranahan, and Julian Aubourg. It has hosted the Doom Wiki since the site's departure from Wikia.

Manc first appeared in the community around late 1998, and can be seen credited in works made around that time, including Covert Ops and Twilight Warrior. He then left the community completely around May 2000 due to lack of an Internet connection.

He returned to the Doom Community in 2003 after nearly 3 years on hiatus.

In March 2004, shortly after the Doom Connector service disappeared, Mancubus II restarted the Doom Connector service under MancuNET with a new management crew. As of May 2005, the Doom Connector service has since been permanently shut down.

He has also done voiceover work for notable Doom projects, including Action Doom 2 and Skulltag, and for Doom 3: Phobos.

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