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Box set of the three exclusive figurines.

Mystery Minis are series of small vinyl collectible figurines created by FunKo, which interpret the characters of various licensed video game, movie, and television series in a cartoonish style. The figurines are usually sold in "blind boxes" of one random figurine a piece, with rare variants and per-piece packing ratios. A special fixed-set box of three Mystery Minis was commissioned by Bethesda for the special presentation given as part of E3 2015 and offered exclusively to attendees. One of the figurines in this set is a depiction of the cyberdemon from the then-upcoming Doom game. A blind box set featuring additional characters was later released in July of 2016.

E3 figurine set[edit]

The E3-exclusive figurine set includes the cyberdemon, assassin Emily from Arkane Studios' Dishonored 2, and a Brotherhood of Steel paladin in power armor from Bethesda's Fallout 4.

Best of Bethesda set[edit]

A "Bethesda All Stars" / "Best of Bethesda" Mystery Minis Blind Box set was released in July 2016[1] and contains, amongst other Bethesda licenses, Doom (2016) themed Doom Slayer and revenant figurines. Commander Keen is also featured as a rare figurine.

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