Mystery of Tyskie Islands


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Mystery of Tyskie Islands
Title screen
Author WojtTheDoomer
Port GZDoom
Year 2017
Link ZDoom forums thread

Mystery of Tyskie Islands (or MOTI for short) is a total conversion for the GZDoom engine developed by WojtTheDoomer. Set a few years before World War I, the player assumes the role of Frank Masseur, an Austro-Hungarian soldier who boards a ship headed for a diplomatic mission in the coast of Guinea. Becoming the lone survivor of a shipwreck following a storm, Masseur finds himself on a tropical island, named the Island Empire, and is contacted by a telepathic voice who tells him the island has been overrun by the Empire Revolta militia, ruled by an evil dictator known as Pica. Armed with only a revolver, Masseur sets off to explore the island and unravel the mysteries surrounding it.

As a total conversion, Mystery of Tyskie Islands changes almost everything about the default Doom II, with all new weapons, enemies, powerups and locales. Development of the mod began in 2017 and saw an initial release on September 30 of that year. Version 2.0 of MOTI followed in 2019, featuring significant revamps and bringing the total of maps on the TC to ten. MOTI is story-driven, with the telepathic voice bringing the player up to speed on the progression of the story and the ability to read scattered notes to learn more about the world's lore, but without any cutscenes to interrupt the gameplay. The levels follow a 1910's atmosphere, featuring a unique mixture of tropical environments, WW1-esque trenches with primitive bunkers, and Victorian era, steampunk-inspired interiors.


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