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After a tweet from actress Nina Bergman surfaced in which she mentioned signing onto a new Doom movie project with Universal, with filming slated to take place in Bulgaria, a spokesperson for NBC/Universal confirmed to Variety that a project is underway at Universal 1440 Entertainment, the company's direct distribution division.[20180421 1] This has led to speculation that the film will eschew the theater and be targeted at a direct-to-video or digital streaming release.

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Rumors of activity at id Software have intensified as Bethesda Softworks' Vice President of Marketing Pete Hines used the phrase "hell on Earth" to describe the company's preparation process for E3 in an interview with Dual Shockers. This statement, an echo of one made by then-CEO Todd Hollenshead after the announcement of the original canceled Doom 4 project, feeds speculation of an upcoming new entry in the Doom series as a follow up to the wildly successful release of Doom (2016) almost two years ago. Bethesda is scheduled to deliver its annual BE3 presentation on June 10, 2018, at 6:30pm PDT.[20180414 1]

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According to a press release by Bethesda, the newest Doom title will receive an update which includes the following changes:

  • The Doom Season Pass will be retired, and all owners of the game will be granted access to the three DLC packs, Unto the Evil, Hell Followed, and Bloodfall.
  • Multiplayer progression will be revamped, with a global level reset and prestige in the form of a badge for Slayer-ranked players, a change in item unlocks, and replacement of the hack module system with a new multiplayer form of the runes from the single player game which function as permanent, selectable player upgrades which can be set as part of the loadout.
  • Overhauls to the game's multiplayer heads-up display, menus, and lobbies.

The game will additionally feature free weekends with access to a two-level preview of the single-player campaign, unlimited multiplayer and SnapMap access, and retention of progress and player data between weekends. To sweeten the deal, a price cut to $14.99 US / £11.99 UK / $17.99 AUS has been initiated as well.

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Bethesda announced an upcoming live stream event on behalf of id Software which will demonstrate the upcoming addition of old-school free-for-all deathmatch gameplay to Doom (2016), as well as a new "Arcade Mode." It has been mentioned that deathmatch mode will include the ability to turn the demon rune and power weapons off in private matches. The live streaming event, hosted by id Software employees Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin, will take place on on Tuesday, September 13, starting at 11 AM Pacific Time (2 PM Eastern).