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OBLIGE is a discontinued procedural map generator developed by Andrew Apted that supports classic Doom and other games: Heretic, Hexen, Wolfenstein 3D, and Quake. It features a GUI interface, a scripting language, prefab visual assets, and the ability to create deathmatch levels.

The "OBLIGE" name is a tribute to the earlier SLIGE map generator. OBLIGE surpassed its unrelated predecessor with more compelling architecture and new features, including: real outdoor areas, support for games besides Doom, and a GUI for changing the many settings. Moreover, instead of being written entirely in C, like SLIGE, the majority of OBLIGE level creation code is written in the Lua scripting language. The use of Lua resulted in a number of customizations by others, such as the addition of Skulltag support.

After 12 years of development, Apted decided to officially cease OBLIGE work in 2017. His parting statement was "my only regret is that OBLIGE never reached my vision of what a great random level generator could be", but this tool was considered the best of its kind and received the inaugural Codeaward at the Cacowards that year.

Apted shared the source code with a GPL license, so others have forked it. The primary successor is the OBSIDIAN fork.

Release history[edit]

Version 1[edit]

Never released to the public, offered only basic level building capabilities.

Version 2[edit]

Version 3[edit]

  • Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen and buggy Quake support.
  • Bigger rooms and more complex architecture
  • Modular support for custom content such as Skulltag support
  • Faster node building

Version 4[edit]

Version 5[edit]

  • Large prefabs. Maps produced are considered by author to be boring.
  • Doom engine games only, due to using prefabs in Doom map format.

Never formally released, a test package is available.

Version 6[edit]

Rewrite of version 3 using the new prefab system.

"Weird shapes" version[edit]

  • Version number is 7.x
  • Picks some points on a grid and connect some of them with lines.

Version 7.50[edit]

  • Uses shape grammars.

Version 7.70[edit]

  • "Parks" added, naturalistic outdoor areas.
  • Improved outdoor scenic regions just outside the map.
  • Heretic support.
  • UI revamp.
  • Hallways added.
  • More window prefab variety.
  • Barrels, blood and corpses placed in the world.
  • "Ramp Up" and "Bosses" settings for monster panels.
  • "Weapons" button to control how soon/late weapons show.
  • New health/ammo settings "Bit Less" and "Bit More".
  • New themes: "Bit Mixed", "Original-ish", "Episode-ish".
  • Better looking sky generator mountains.
  • Improved title generator.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

Version 7.70 was released October 25th, 2017 and is the final OBLIGE release.

Forks and expansions[edit]

ObHack is a fork of OBLIGE version 2 that added new features. These features were later added to OBLIGE.

ObAddon is a large collection of textures and other resources that can be used with OBLIGE to generate more variety of levels.

In 2021, a fork called OBSIDIAN was first released. It aims to continue improving the final version of OBLIGE and also fully incorporates the ObAddon resources. Thus the ObAddon project was also merged into OBSIDIAN.

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