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Revision as of 12:22, 12 July 2022 by (talk) (Features)

Obsidian title gfx big.png
Initial Release March 2021
License GPL
Repository GitHub
Status Active

OBSIDIAN is a procedural map generator developed as a community effort.[1] It is a fork of the final version of OBLIGE that has two prominent differences: a new GUI for changing the tool's many settings and full incorporation of the former ObAddon project, which provided a large addition of visual assets and Lua code.

First released in March 2021, OBSIDIAN currently has two versions: a stable beta and a rolling preview build of the next beta. The project builds successfully on Linux, BSD and Windows platforms; pre-compiled Windows releases are provided on the team's Github repository.


Notable differences from OBLIGE include:

  • Customizable GUI with more granularity for important settings like map size and monster density
  • More prefabs[2] and shape grammars[3]
  • Vanilla Doom support, via the bundled SLUMP generator[4]
  • Unified 64-bit random number generation for both OBSIDIAN and SLUMP using fastPRNG[5]
  • Ability to use arbitrary-length strings as RNG seeds
  • UDMF output, with the ability to convert existing binary-formatted prefabs at runtime
  • ZDBSP as the internal node builder, providing compressed, extended, and UDMF-compatible nodes for engines that support them
  • Optional PK3/ZIP output
  • Ability to save an animated GIF of the map-building process
  • "Surprise Me" total randomization of settings

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