Orcs & Elves II

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Main menu from the BREW version of the game.

Orcs & Elves II is the third mobile phone game based on the Doom RPG engine. The game was released first for the Qualcomm BREW platform on December 3, 2007. A J2ME version was released a few months later in 2008.


The game does not continue the story of the protagonist from Orcs & Elves. Instead, gamers play as Valin, a thief elf who was tasked to steal talking magic wand Ellon in order to save his town from an enemy. Game starts with argument between Valin and Ellon. Wand is upset with recent ownership change and refuses any cooperation. Valin must regain wand's trust and return to his town in time.


The game was developed primarily for the Qualcomm BREW platform. After its release, the game was scaled down to run on J2ME devices. As a result, some of the new features, cut scenes, and portions of locations were removed from the J2ME version.


Weapons gallery.

The following arsenal can be acquired during the game:

  • Talking Wand - a weapon and companion of Valin. Its powers were nearly exhausted in Orcs & Elves . With each Valin's level up, Wand recovers more and more of its former powers. Also with each new location, Wand's aura became more and more apparent (only in BREW version).
  • Guiding Staff - apart from combat, it can also be used to move boulders.
  • Magic Dagger - it can be used to backstab, toss at enemies or strike at close range. When tossed, it will return once damage has been inflicted on an enemy.
  • Bob - a familiar acquired during the game. Can be used for scout and do minor returning missions. It has limited number of turns before it will return to owner. With each Valin's level up, number of turns will increase. Familiar Chow can be also used to increase its endurance.
  • Shrink Orbs - shrinks enemy on impact. Shrunk enemy deals less damage and has lower accuracy.
  • Mold Orbs - it contains a mold spores, which are released upon an impact making enemy sick.
  • Freeze Orbs - freezes enemies on impact. Effect lasts for three turns.
  • Fire Crossbow - a lightweight weapon that launches fire bolts. Sets enemies on fire on hit.
  • Flaming Sword - it's imbued with the Flame of Gaya's Breath. Particularly effective against Wraiths and Treants. Similar to a crossbow, sets enemies on file on hit.
  • Poison Dagger - replaces previous dagger. It is enchanted with lethal venom. Poisons enemies on hit.
  • Kinetic Crossbow - replaces Fire Crossbow. Delivers fire bolts with powerful kinetic force. Ideal for a crowd control. Should not be used at close range.


Map available in the BREW version of the game.

List of locations available in the game:

  • Caverns
  • Dwarkar
  • Tunnels
  • El'Landra
  • Dark Forest
  • Sol
  • Darkfel
  • Ben (developer map, BREW version only)
  • Brett (developer map, BREW version only)
  • Inventory (developer map, BREW version only)
  • Jah (developer map, BREW version only)
  • Karina (developer map, BREW version only)
  • Matt (developer map, BREW version only)
  • Monster (developer map, BREW version only)

Unlike prequel, game does not have a hub-like zone which allows to teleport between locations.