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PNAMES is a WAD lump that includes all the names for wall patches.

Binary data[edit]

The binary contents of the PNAMES lump starts with a header of 4 bytes, followed by all of the patch names.

Offset Length Name Content
0x00 4 nummappatches An integer holding a the number of following patches.
0x04 8 * nummappatches name_p[ ] Eight-character ASCII strings defining the lump names of the patches. Only the characters A-Z (uppercase), 0-9, and [ ] - _ should be used in lump names. When a string is less than 8 bytes long, it should be null-padded to the eighth byte.

All integers are 4 bytes long in x86-style little-endian order. Their values can never exceed 231-1, since Doom reads them as signed ints.

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