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A partial conversion is a PWAD that signficantly alters the original game, intending to provide a distinctly different experience. However, in contrast to a total conversion, the partial retains enough visuals, sounds, and gameplay mechanics to be considered a variant of the original, not a separate game. Notable examples of partial conversions are STRAIN and Paradise.

One important factor distinguishes a partial conversion from a gameplay mod: custom maps. Partial conversions are self-contained experiences with custom maps and gameplay changes. But gameplay mods do not have maps and are thus intended to be used with any number of regular maps. A good example of this is the Supercharge mod, which originated as the gameplay changes of Paradise.

To complicate matters, the community has a history of using the term loosely. For example, Back to Saturn X billed itself as a partial conversion, but it is actually just maps with custom textures and no gameplay changes. Since maps with custom textures have become quite common, this is no longer generally accepted as a partial conversion.

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