Perdition (Doom 2016)


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This article is about the multiplayer level from Doom (2016). For other levels with the same name, see Perdition.
Doom (2016) multiplayer levels
Perdition (Doom 2016)

Perdition is a multiplayer level of Doom (2016), one of the nine original stock multiplayer maps. Bethesda describe it as "disjointed and sadistic...populated by the agonized moans of unfortunate souls who have suffered within its realm."[1] It is a collection of stone tunnels and platforms floating within a void.


This level includes a mixture of cramped passages and caverns as well as some open areas. There are a number of voids and pits throughout the level, notably around the powerup spawners, so awareness of your surroundings is a must. There is a column at one end of the level with a spherical red core; next to it are some floating platforms with a regeneration spawner on them. A second spawner can be found at the opposite end of the level on some more platforms, which produces a BFG-9000.

Areas / screenshots[edit]


  • Perdition is a term for Hell or the state of damnation. Its etymology from Late Latin perditio means the state of being ruined, destroyed, wasted, or lost. It is also a term sometimes regarded as a proper name for Lucifer or Cain, symbols of ultimate evil. According to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the "sons of perdition" are those who will not take part in the glory of God in the afterlife.


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