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Phobos as seen from space. The prominent Stickney crater can be seen at middle right.
This article is about the location. For the 1998 Top 100 award-winner, see Phobos (WAD).

Phobos is the larger and innermost of the two moons of the planet Mars, the second being Deimos. It is the scene of the first Doom episode, Knee-Deep in the Dead. "Phobos" is the name of a god in Greek mythology and it can be translated as "panic fear", "flight" or "battlefield rout".

In Doom, Phobos is depicted with Earth-like gravity, a thick atmosphere, and having tall, seemingly vegetation-covered mountains; the sky texture for the episode was derived from a photograph [1] taken of Yangshuo Cavern in China.

In reality, Phobos is a rock 22 kilometers in diameter with gravity less than a thousandth of that on Earth, and no atmosphere (even if an atmosphere could be generated artificially, the gravity would be insufficient to hold it in place). Phobos' gravity is so weak that a human being could escape it by jumping. In order to be more plausible, Doom 3 moved the plot to Mars.


Other games

Doom 64

According to information on an official Nintendo webpage for Doom 64, the initial part of the game occurs on Phobos, a detail also consistent with some pre-release reviews of the game whose canonicity was otherwise unverified.[1] The game itself was vague about its setting, referring only to a "planetary quarantine," which has sustained speculation about the intended setting since the game's original release.

Doom 3

In Doom 3, Phobos serves as an orbital communications relay station via the Phobos Routing Station Uplink.

Doom (2016)

In Doom (2016), Phobos is subject to an extensive UAC mining operation.

Doom Eternal

In Doom Eternal, Phobos also serves as one of the scenes during the QuakeCon 2018 gameplay reveal. It features an orbital base that is currently under attack by demons, along with a BFG-10000 platform firing periodically towards an unconfirmed location. In the game, the asteroid seems to maintain some level of atmosphere, since mist can be seen extending out into hilly terrain in the distance.

Extended universe

Phobos serves as the setting for the 2019 film Doom: Annihilation, which retells the story of Knee-Deep in the Dead with various artistic liberties. Rather than being linked with Deimos as in the original game, the Phobos teleportation lab is directly linked to Earth via a gate left on the moon by an unknown ancient civilization. Phobos is stated in the film to be a highly unstable location.

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