Phobos Labs


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Not to be confused with the Phobos Lab (singular) of the original Doom.

The Phobos Labs is one of the main Mars City facilities at Site 1 in Doom 3, a small but sophisticated research facility similar to the Alpha Labs and Delta Labs. It houses what are vaguely described as "many technologies," but the nature of most of these have not been disclosed. An experimental teleporter was constructed here, though it was not enumerated by Dr. Richard Meyers amongst the list of teleportation research projects in his video disk log, so the codename of the Phobos project is unknown. The teleporter has only one available destination, linked to one of the Project Gemini mid-range teleporters in Delta level 3.

Operations were active in Phobos Labs during the timeframe of Doom 3, but their nature remained largely undisclosed and the location itself is only referenced in a single PDA email message, where security personnel mention being assigned to guard the transfer of a "biological specimen" from Delta to Phobos.

It was brought online two years after the Mars City disaster by Elizabeth McNeil and her research team as a base of operations during Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. Aside from the nearby Erebus Facility, Phobos Labs account for a large portion of the locations visited in the expansion. Progression through the base involves gradually shutting it down in order to enable re-routing of power to the teleporter, while it gradually grows more and more like Hell, similar to areas of Mars City during the first invasion.


Sector 1[edit]

Sector 1 houses its own teleporter. This teleporter can take the player all the way to the Delta complex, located above Site 3. The rest of sector 1 contains warehouses, controls for the complex, and administrative offices. Access to and from sector 2 is by sky tram only.

Sector 2[edit]

Sector 2, dedicated to molecular research, contains two major pieces of machinery: the pumping station, and the auxiliary power control station. The latter serves as an arena for the fight against the Invulnerability Hunter, which uses the electrical power in the area to augment its natural abilities.

Sector 3[edit]

Sector 3 houses the main plasma reactor, designed by Phobos Labs engineers to exclusively power the area, making it independent of the EnPro grid. Controls for the life support systems are also located here.

Levels taking place in Phobos Labs[edit]