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{{Doom Eternal weapons}}
{{Doom Eternal weapons}}

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This article is about the weapon in Doom Eternal. For other versions of this weapon, see:
Wielding the pistol in the Fortress of Doom.

The pistol is an unavailable weapon in Doom Eternal. It can only be obtained on the PC version of the game through cheats. A third-party utility such as Cheat Engine must be used to enable the use of restricted console commands and variables, then the line g_enablepistol 1 can be typed in the console to obtain the weapon immediately. The pistol does not stick with the save file, and needs to be enabled again after quitting and restarting the game.

While there is no visible glitch in first person perspective, obtaining and using the pistol will flood the console with warning messages about problems in the resources.

idGameAnimToolsLocal::GetAnimData - unable to find alias handle for <charge_shoot_to_charge_idle>
idGameAnimToolsLocal::GetAnimDurationSecs - anim alias charge_shoot_to_charge_idle not found for md6def/objects/weapons/pistols/pistol.md6
idAttachmentCollection::AddAttachment - model 'md6def/characters/humans/male/base/doom_marine_3p.md6' has no tag info for 'md6def/objects/weapons/pistols/pistol.md6'

Contrarily to its predecessor, it is a ballistic weapon that shares the ammunition pool of the heavy cannon and chaingun. It can alternate between precision shots and burst fire mode, but does not have any upgrade.